I am The Artist

Hey Y’all ! I'm Sherelle, the driving force behind Vintful Dream. I wear many hats - full-time Wife, Mom, and relentless Artist. My purpose in this world? Crafting designs that are as unique and bold as the individuals who wear them.
 Let me take you on a journey back to where it all began. Vintful Dream came to life in 2016 as a platform for my artistic endeavors and event hosting aspirations. Armed with a Wedding Planner certificate, I set out to help brides bring their dream weddings to life. But why "Vintful Dream"? Picture vintage-inspired events, etched in memory, that transport you into a dreamlike state - that's what I aimed to create.
 Amidst the daily grind of a 9-to-5 retail job, I craved for something more. I ventured into the realms of Interior Design and took on a role as an Art Teacher. My canvas beckoned, and I answered. Painting became my soul's delight, and Vintful Dream was focusing on ny art for the next three years.
 Then came October 2019, the birth of my first child. My husband and I decided it was time for a change - I chose to stay home with our precious baby girl, a decision fueled by my unwavering passion for art. Part-time, I continued to nurture this passion as an Art Instructor at Painting With A Twist in Winter Haven, Florida.
 As 2020 dawned, COVID-19 turned the world upside down, leaving many jobless. I, too, was at home with a newborn, navigating the unfamiliar territory of a "Stay at Home Mom." Hungry for an outlet beyond my canvases, I stumbled upon polymer clay earrings. Earrings, a lifelong love affair of mine, were about to get a bold twist.
 With just a few YouTube tutorials and a creative spark, I dove into crafting earrings like no other. I fell head over heels for the name "Vintful Dream" - so unique, so one-of-a-kind. It felt perfect for my earrings; after all, isn't earring design an art form in itself?
 In March 2020, I handcrafted 20 pairs, and they flew off the shelves, all through word of mouth and social media, no website needed. In June, I received my first wholesale order from Uptown Salon in Auburndale, Florida. That moment fueled my confidence to keep pushing boundaries. By July, Camber Well Beauty in Texas saw the potential, and I secured another wholesale deal. Etsy, here I come again!
 Then came the game-changer. In July 2020, a friend suggested I send a pair of my bold, bright earrings to Tabitha Brown, YouTube's Vegan Chef and America's Auntie Tab. Little did I know how much our styles would align - bold and bright, just like Vintful Dream. After a bit of procrastination, I took my husband's advice, sent out some free pairs for promotional purposes, and Auntie Tab was one of the lucky recipients.
 August 12, 2020, marked a turning point. Auntie Tab proudly flaunted my earrings on her Facebook page, tagging me for all to see. It was a dream come true. Those earrings, named Tabs Rainbow, remain my best-sellers to this day. I've handcrafted over 100 pairs, each one as vibrant and bold as the next.
 September 2020 brought two more wholesale opportunities, this time from a salon in Texas, Camber Well Beauty, and Nashona in North Carolina. By October 2020, I had my own website and a growing fan base who adored my style.
 Today, my earrings have graced the screens of The Real, Season 13, Episode 78, worn by the fabulous Tabitha Brown. You can also spot her rocking them on The Food Network Channel in her show "It's Complicated," Episode 2. Don't miss Couch Conversations, Season 3, Episode 2, on YouTube, where my creations shine.
 I'm now part of a vibrant local small business community, offering you the chance to shop for unique, handmade treasures with Vintful Dream in various local events throughout the month.
 When I embarked on my earring-making journey in 2020, my paint brushes saw less action, but my creative spirit found new heights. I'm obsessed with crafting earrings, and the possibilities are endless. Creating isn't just my passion; it's my calling, and I will forever be The Artist who ensures you never wear boring earrings.
 Stay bold, stay bright sunshine
Sherelle White
Vintful Dream Artist